Good Morning Care Limited

Our Terms and Conditions

Good Morning Care wishes to provide reliable care services to all of our customers. Read our terms and conditions to understand our professional processes.

Terms and Conditions

The Agreement between Good Morning Care and the client set out in the signed agreement.

  1. FEES

    The client agrees to pay Good Morning Care for the services in consideration of Good Morning Care making the services available to the client.

    The fee will be charged by reference to time spent and referring to time sheet.

    These fees will be reviewed periodically every 6 months for health care workers.

    A 4 week notice will be given when there is a change to the fees been charged.


    The client or authorised representative of the client is responsible for verifying the hours worked by the worker by signing a timesheet or completing an online timesheet.


    Good Morning Care will invoice the client weekly in arrears. Any expenses incurred shall be itemised by Good Morning Care in their invoice in addition to these fees which are in force at the time of the assignment.


    These can be made either by BACS Payment, bank transfer, and cheque or debit/credit card.

    Payments are to be made on the agreed dates.


    Good Morning Care will provide capable staff as agreed, who will be trained sufficiently and are skilled, experienced and competent to provide the services.


    Good Morning Care trains and values its staff, who are a great asset of a bank of workers.

    Any engagement of our staff with the client as to be to permanent will be charged an introduction fee as we will have to recruit new staff for the replacement of the other.

    Our staff can become permanent members after they have worked for a three month period for Good Morning Care. If the staff member wishes to become permanent before this period ends then there will be charges.

    • HCA £2,000
    • RGN £3,000
    • RMN £2,500
    • ICU Nurses £2,300
    • Senior Carer £2,200
    • SW £2,000

    All prices are excluding VAT

    If our worker has worked more than 37.5 hours, the period of three months after which they can become permanent fees will not be payable.


    In the event that the worker fails to attend the client or if the client is not satisfied with the standard of the care provided then the client shall notify Good Morning Care with a written complaint which will be available upon request.


    Good Morning Care reserves the right to charge in full if staff members turn up and the shift is cancelled.

    We request that we should be given 24 hours notice in the event of a cancellation.


    The client will provide a safe environment and safe and appropriate equipment for all tasks. We request for all staff to be inducted before beginning any tasks under the shift regulation of 1998.


    Good Morning Care Ltd is insured as well as all of the staff.


    Good Morning Care accepts no liability, howsoever caused, on behalf of itself, servants, agents or contractors for any losses, costs, damages, claims or expense in connection with the dishonesty of any worker.

    The client warrants that the worker will benefit from its employability insurance and public liability insurance through the period of any engagement with the client.


    In the event of sickness, staff will call Good Morning Care who will try to send cover for that person, of we cannot find cover we will let you know on time.


    The agreement and these terms and conditions constitute all the terms and conditions between Good Morning Care Ltd and client, subject to variation allowed for by those terms and conditions.

    All sums due under this Agreement shall be paid in full, without any deduction or withholding (unless required by law) and the client shall not be entitled to assert any credit set off or counterclaim against Good Morning Care in order to justify any withholding of payment in whole or in part.

  14. TERM

    This Agreement shall be for a 2 year period and shall then continue on an annual basis subject to termination by either party serving a 6 months written notice upon the other.

    Good Morning Care shall be entitled to terminate this agreement if any of its invoices remain outstanding more than 14 days after the due date for payment.

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